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Going Barefoot

Considering trying Barefoot?  Good for you. Please know that there is a transition period for your horse and there may be underlying causes of your horse's "need" for shoes. We'll need to discuss what these issues may be and work together to resolve them.
Your horse may experience crumbling hoof walls initially. This could be related to diet, but most likely is the result of nails.
Your horse will probably need some other type of protection for a while, especially if you want to continue riding during this time, such as boots or equicast.  These products can really assist in safely stimulating the inner hoof to give the horse the proper foot to stand on.
You may need to examine the environment your horse is in and his diet.
You will need to give your horse some time to heal. This doesn't always mean you can't continue riding him, it just means that it will take time to grow an optimal hoof. It's well worth the effort. There really is no comparison between riding a shod horse and one that can use his foot properly, completely and correctly.
Above all, it takes a team effort: The horse, the hoof care provider and .....YOU. You are the most important member and you're in charge of your horse's daily care. He may need thrush treatment, boots put on and off, radiographs, and or blood work. Your horse needs all the help he can get to have a successful transition.
If you're willing to give your horse a little time and help, I am willing to give you 110%. If you're not 100% committed to the journey, please don't call me. This may sound harsh, but it's not fair to your horse. Most of the horseshoes I take off end up staying off, and it's a short journey to restored healthfulness. Unfortunately, most vets will recommend shoeing for even the simplest of problems.  I can almost guarantee it.  Most of the time, if your horse "needs" shoes, your horse has a problem. Shoes may cover it up, but unless you really want to get to the source of the problem and HELP your horse achieve his best feet (and consequently, his best self) shoes are only a band-aid.
Happy Journeys to you.
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