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Tip:  Now is the PERFECT time to deal with thrush.
Mix triple antibiotic cream and anti fungal cream together in a baggie. Use the same amount of each product. Cut off the tip of the baggie and squirt the cream into a syringe. Use the syringe to get the cream deep into the sulcus area and collateral grooves of the frogs. * You'll notice that this little thrush blurb is ALWAYS on this page, because it's always a good time to attack it~!

Boots are an excellent tool for transitioning out of shoes. They are also perfect for riding over terrain that your horse may not be accustomed to, like gravelly, pointed rocks. Or, if you just want to provide protection for your horse so he enjoys himself as much as you do, getcha some boots.  We Love the Glove by Easycare 
Glove boots 

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